Machine Shop TV Mount

The TV uses a 400 mm VESA mount. This is bigger than anything I have. At the committee meeting several others mentioned they had mounts. Anyone have one this big?

I also have this one

That should do the deed. We need 400 mm between the holes. The mounting screws are m8 or m10. I think I probably have some.

I put it in front of the TV. You are going to need to provide your own hardware though.


Just looked at it. Turns out there are parts from three different mounts. I could probably bend up some sheet to make it work, but then it would need paint, and…

dI think I’m going to take the lazy way out and spend $50 on a new mount.

I’d like to get it over and done with later today so I’m off to find a mount.

And FYI @TBJK It looks like the wall directly over the surface plate is an easier location if that’s OK. The lights over the Sherlines force mounting the TV up pretty high and the outlets are all used. I’d like to mount it so the bottom of the TV is just above the lower conduits.

Works for me.

Infrastructure meeting ran til 10:30 so I did not get to tthis. I expect to be back Tuesday and do it then.

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Allow 36" inches of clearance from Surface Plate to bottom of Monitor so the tall height gauges won’t interfere - they are about 30" tall.