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Hi all,

I was speaking with Malcolm at the last Machine Shop meeting in hopes to spur some help with training on the CNC and mill. I have used both in the past, I just need a walk through and a check off from you guys. I am also interested in the plasma cutter. I would prefer a one on one class as soon as someone is available. I am willing to pay for you time outside regular training hours. I would like to have these accreditation solidified in the next couple of weeks so please feel free to contact me. Thanks all.

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Michael Trovato
Managing Partner
Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)
Solid Design Works, LLC
Office: (214) 932 1565
Cell: (919) 247 7473
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Training has been scheduled for the Clausing lathe May 4th and May 8th. I plan on having a couple of training classes on Bridgeport later in the month. If you are already familiar with the Bridgeport mill; you don’t have to attend that Class. A personal check can result in your name being added to the authorized users AD. This can be accomplished in about 10 minutes or so. You don’t have to pay for this, though I would hope that if I am the one who does this I might be able to get a moment or two of assistance on Fusion 360 or some aspect of CNN someday, also that you might help the machine shop committee out in some way. I expect to be in Monday afternoon/evening and again Saturday afternoon/evening this week; I could do it then.


Bob Karnaugh

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Thanks for getting back to me. We have met once when we went over lathe certification. It took us about 15 minutes to prove my abilities on the lathe. I am sure that the same will be true of the mill. I would love to help with training or anything the committee may need in the future. I will make sure to stop by this Monday the 29th around 6pm. Perhaps then we could talk about the CNC and prove my abilities with the mill. I look forward to it! Thanks Bob!

Hey Bob,

I hope you have been well since we last spoke. I still have not seen my badges for use on the mill, lathe and cutters that we trained for a couple weeks ago. Could you please add me so I can use the shop without recourse. Thanks!


I have checked the AD of Clausing users and Bridgeport users. You were already in the Clausing lathe users AD; I just added your name to the Bridgeport users AD, sorry about the lapse. You are clear to use these machine, however, there is no “badge” declaring your user status. In the future your fob that opens the door will be needed to start a powered machine at DMS. The computer will check if the ID indicated by the fob is on the users list and then enable or refuse to enable accordingly.




Sounds good man. I appreciate it. How are you doin? Hangin in there???