Machine Shop move

Hello Machine Shop Committee members & Makerspace members.
I am happy to report that today, Machine Shop has finally moved. This move was done mostly by the riggers. During this portion, quite a bit had to be moved in Automotive to move Machine Shop. I would like to thank the Board for following through on expansion. This part of expansion was a major expense for DMS, while still not done, its a major undertaking & will take even more effort to finish.

Myself, Charlie & Malcolm helped prep the Machine Shop for the move. To clarify, Charlie would be there one afternoon & Malcolm the next. I would have loved to make this a great packup day, but we were dealt a different set of cards that we had to make a play from. We absolutely had to keep the manpower to an absolute minimum, which we did. That part does bother me as so many people in the Machine Shop committee are always willing to help. I don’t want those members to feel cheated. There will be a chance to help once we open back up. There will still be plenty things to do since most things will likely still be packed up.

When we do open back up, we will try to have most of the equipment up & ready to go. However should we not get to some equipment, It will be locked out until it can be made ready to use.

Anyway, I did take some video which will take time to edit. But in the mean time here are a few pictures of the move.


Wow! Thanks for posting this, and thanks especially to you, @malcolmputer, and @procterc for all the hard work.


That forklift makes the Haas look small!


Great work all and thank you for the efforts!


Looks like our cardboard templates have paid off!


It’s very important to not forget how we got here. Many many volunteers gave their time to ultimately get us to where we are at today. It’s not just the airline run, cable tray installation, or move itself. It’s the hours & hours of planning that took place to get us here. Including cutting out the templates from cardboard. The investment into the space by volunteering has allowed us to get here. One thing feeds off another, the work of the previous volunteers, volunteering their time to better the space. Without that, we have nothing.

So I say this, THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS. Give yourself a pat on the back because directly or indirectly, its the reason all of this has been able to happen.

I did get some walking in yesterday too. Hard to believe in just over 12 hour period, I walked at the space 7.8 miles.


Look at that tiny blue table!


Ye’ Olde Machine Shop:

Thanks to everyone that made it happen!


This picture is so crazy to me…


Congratulations on the move. I’m only sorry you weren’t able to gather up more help. Many would have lined up. Damn pandemic. Cheers


Just curious - how bad was the mess under the Haas? 5 years worth of coolant and hydraulic leaks had to have left it’s mark.

It wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be, some of that kitty litter stuff and we swept it up.


Excellent work! Thanks for the update.

You know those funky patterns that show in a petri dish?
There was some white stuff moving out under the coolant tray.

Those guys at Able are always such pros. Looks great!


Now if the new woodshop can be quickly pulled off then membership should go up rapidly upon completion.


Your organization and hard work was an absolutely critical factor in making this happen, despite the current circumstances.
Thank you,


This is quite interesting and looks like it will provide the much needed space. I am a bit out of the loop and am wondering where has the machine shop has moved to exactly.

North warehouse, on the southwest corner of the warehouse.


Thanks for posting. I’m looking forward to the Videos too!

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