Machine shop lets step up for the display shelves!

I see the amazing work from other areas of DMS on the fantastic lobby display shelves and I am in awe . Let’s get a bit of space on the shelves and display some work from our machine shop. I have a small steam Engine that I finished at DMS that I could put up there . Even a particularly nice fixture or part would tell the story of our shop. Let’s arrange it with whoever controls the shelves and represent!!!. Ms Marlowe, I am looking at you …


Thanks for the vote of confidence, but my stuff tends to be small enough to walk off easily. :frowning:


It would be awesome to see your steam engine on the shelves! Anyone can put things that they made on the shelves. Just grab a dry erase marker and fill out one of the white cards or make your own card. :slight_smile:

What if some things went inside a locked acrylic display box that is attached in a non-destructive manner to a shelf. Maybe straps that wrap around the shelve.

Concept is like this. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes.



I would think this type of case would make it a little more secure to display small items like jewelry, small castings, glass beads, etc.

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There are vertical posts behind the shelves. A couple holes drilled in the back of the cabinet with a cable tie passed through the holes and around the vertical post would keep it from easily walking away.


Something along these lines will also keep kids from touching the art.


I used a couple of shadow boxes to put a display of some jewelry on the shelves. I wanted to show some of the things that we have classes in. The shadow boxes have fabric covered styrofoam pads and the jeqelry is pinned to the pads. Makes a good display, and not as easy to walk off.
Chris Marlow, something like the 10x10 you did one time to show off your turned wood miniatures would be cool. Or maybe your kitchen with the wood and gas stove and things. You do such fabulous things! It would be great to see some on display…

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EDM DMS logos!

Our work is typically unseen but it does have impact. The reason woodshop, metal shop, blacksmithing…etc has such nice pieces is because we make parts to fix their machines. Albeit it’s mostly @TBJK leading the work efforts.


I will put my turners cube out providing its in a case. I just dont want it to walk. I have many many hours in it.


Lets get one of those electronic picture frames and we can display photos of the things we wouldn’t want sticky fingers or dirty fingers to have unsupervised access to. A big screen above the center unit would work fine😁

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