Machine Shop Committee Meeting

It’s that time again. Our regular monthly meeting will be this Saturday 05/25 in the lecture hall starting at 5pm. I don’t have any agenda items requiring a committee vote so feel free to proxy bomb all you want. I would like to talk a bit about classes so if you have any ideas or desire to teach, please come by. Hopefully we’ll have some expansion news by then.


You beat me to the notification.

the new job lets me check in more often.

Dang machine shop people always breaking things…


Reminder that the meeting is tomorrow.

Hello Nick,
My name is Kelly. I took the tour this evening and afterwards I spoke with our guide and he mentioned that I contact you and said you would probably be interested in speaking with me.
I am interested in teaching (manual) in the machine shop…I have been a machinist for 35 years and would be more than happy to share my knowledge
Please let me know when you are available to get together and talk

Thanks, Kelly


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Good morning Kelly.
Our next Machine Shop committee meeting is the 22nd at 5 pm. We would love to see you there. That’s usually the best time to be briefed on how we do things & discuss if we need to change it up.

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Welcome. As Tim has alluded to, we have our particular ways that we want to teach to give members safe access to the machines. The materials for those classes are basically set. We just need people to help show the actual ins and outs. Beyond that, any other type of technique or project class are welcome. The rules/guide for how to do a class are on the wiki somewhere but are in the process of being changed.