Machine Shop Committee Meeting TONIGHT 7pm


Per Bryan:

It’s not on the calendar yet, but I’ve scheduled a committee meeting for Monday @ 7pm.
There has been a lot of activity in the machine shop recently, and there’s a lot to come. Please come and join the discussion.


IF you’re a member of the machine shop committee.


and if your not but want to know more??


You’re welcome to join the committee.


why join if i do not know anything about it. It is like telling a blind man to see the color red.


So is it open to normal members? Or do you have to be in the “click” lol


You have to be a committee member. Any DMS member can join the committee. If you’re not willing to help out in the machine shop, you have no business attending a meeting.


Anyone is free to join.


Let’s keep it on topic here, without the drama. Thanks!


Hey I’m just making sure it open for all to attend last I know anyone could go to a meeting


As I said, it’s open to all machine shop committee members. Not to the general membership. If you’re not interested enough to join the committee, why would you attend the meeting?


What better way for someone to get better acquainted with how DMS runs and what the different committees are doing then attend their committee meeting


Baptism by fire: sign up, show up


Sadly I am still not really fit enough to drive yet, so I will be unable to make it.

If there is anything I should know please email me.

Also, I have been given to understand that the lathe controls have been modified. If someone could send me a table of the new rpm values for each gear setting I could update the lathe 101 material while I am convalescing.


1st successful live test of the RFID access control. Bryan was the 2nd tester, and a witness! :smile:


w00t ~ Great News! :slight_smile: