Luster/ decals firing

Hello :wave: just wanted to see if there’s going to be anymore interest for the luster and decals… I only have 3 people total signed up for my classes right now and that isn’t going to be enough for a kiln load… if more people don’t sign up before this Sunday, I will go ahead and cancel.
Thank you!


I want to add stuff to the load!!

Ok :slightly_smiling_face: are you gonna be in my class or just use your own stuffs?

Also, @madisonaconnell are you going to have stuff ready for the firing by next Saturday?


wanted to just use my own !!

Yep I should have at least six things to put in the firing. Maybe a little more than that if possible

Ok :slightly_smiling_face: sounds good! Just put the things on the special firing shelf

Poopies, I would love to get in on a luster, but I don’t have anything ready to go. Hopefully I can get my act together for whenever the next one will be!

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