Lumber source recommendations

Do people have reccomendations on where to buy lumber? My current plan was Home Depot but I wanted to hear from other people!

I’m not yet what type of wood I’m looking for - my next project is to build a castle join bedframe so I’ll need a bit of wood

I generally don’t recommend Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any big box home improvement store for woodworking. Most of the lumber there is construction grade and not for fine woodworking. 2x4s work for construction and simple projects, but they are designed to quickly frame houses, not be durable furniture.

They do have some oak, but you’re going to be paying a premium for it compared to your other options. Looking at HD’s website, I see an S4S 12 inch wide option for $12 a linear foot , whereas at Central I can get a board foot of S3S for $5.30 Assuming same dimensions, I’d be paying about 46 dollars for a board at Central, whereas I’d be paying 96 dollars at Home Depot! You do need to rip an edge with the tablesaw with Central, but I think this is well worth the savings.

In general, you’ll have 2 routes to go through as a woodworker: retail or wholesale.

With retail, you’ll be paying more per foot, but you’ll be able to buy exactly how much you want and get tailored customer service. I’d recommend Wood World in Richardson and Rockler or Woodcraft if you have one near you.

With wholesale, you’ll get the cheapest prices, but you’ll need to buy entire boards of wood. Central Hardwoods has (relatively speaking) the lowest prices, but it’s more tailored towards businesses and they have a 5 dollar charge for crosscuts. You also don’t get to pick out your own wood.

Hardwood Lumber Company charges more per foot, but you’ll be able to pick out your own wood and you get a free edge + crosscut with every board (unless that’s changed). Customer service is also tailored more towards individuals too. Works out to about the same price if you’re just getting a board or two, but worth calling both places to work out the math and see what’s cheaper.

I haven’t been to Dakota, so I can’t comment on it.

Facebook/Craigslist is an option and usually the cheapest, but you never know what you are going to get and you’ll need to vet the sellers. I generally don’t recommend this option unless you know some people that can vouch for sellers.

Home Depot/Lowe’s - Not Recommended ($$$)
Retail - Wood World, Rockler, or Woodcraft ($$), tailored customer service, can buy as much wood as you need
Wholesale - Central Hardwoods, Hardwood Lumber Company, or Dakota? ($), need to buy the whole board

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Check out this link on the wiki that lists local sources along with some comments.

Don’t forget Lloyd Plum’s, He has a lot of local wood. He has a service where he will cut a log to order - either one you have or one he has on hand in this “pile.”

And don’t forget Clean Slab Customs | Celina TX They have a lot of local wood as well.


I’ll put in a plug for McKinney Hardwoods. Mike is a very nice guy and his hardwood selection is absolutely outstanding. His wood is skip planed and it is very beautiful and high quality wood. I’ve bought a lot of his wood over the years.

Hi! We met and talked the other day.
As I said, Hardwood Lumber on Goodnight Lane is my go-to.
Also, I asked the guy, and he said it WAS walnut (he bought it off a guy in Richardson) so yay I got it right!

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haha omg thats amazing I’m def picking some up for my coasters

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I am said guy!

This is my wOOd dealer. :sweat_smile:

You have to work out a time with him, he sells out of his garage in Richardson.


I saw a hunk of walnut at Hardwood Lumber on Wednesday. It looked to be about 2" x 16" ish? For $10.



Central hardwoods has a sale going on right for all their shorts… (off cuts) anything under 3 feet is a buck a board… lots of just short of 3 feet boards. P


Buck a board or buck a board ft?


How long are they running that sale?

$1 a board or a board foot – still a good deal.


My guess until the sell out of the stock

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