Low fire in Ceramics

Quite a bit of low fire stuff still in ceramics fwiw. This is the stuff the basics class use to tell ppl was free as well. May wana scooch it on out the way. :+1:t3:


It’s all dried out and not even usable. Thanks for posting.

I think at one of the meetings I stated I would take it home and forgot. This is usable, it just needs water and a mixer. I will be onsite tomorrow Friday and pick it up. Clay only goes bad if it is contaminated or sours.

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Work emergency I cant go to DMS until tomorrow to pick up the slip


Good Morning,

I have decided to not get the slip. All it needs it water to rest on it a couple of days and mixing. Please see if anyone else wants it before it is trashed.

Thank you,
Anita Willis

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Not that I get much of a vote since I’m new to the ceramics dept, but I just got a fresh 5 gallons of cone 6 slip and in the spirit of not jacking up the Kilns any further I would say toss it. too many mistakes could be made that could cause damage.

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Aww yes, the low fire panic.

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