Love this woodworking source

I’ve bought lots of wood from McKinney Harwoods. The quality is superb and his prices are very fair.

Check him out. Disclaimer: I receive no benefit from any recommendation.

Summer Clearance Sale.pdf (221.8 KB)


Those are pretty good prices! I just got some poplar and walnut from Hardwood Lumber Co and they treated me well, also let you go through the yard and pick what you need. Added myself to the McKinney Hardwoods email list thanks for the info

Wood World on TI blvd is another source that I use pretty frequently. Their prices are not as good, but you can pick the board you want, buy in small quantities, and have excellent variety available. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re buying 100+bf at a time, but its good for small quantities. Only ~12mi from the makerspace as well.
They also have a lot of wood finishing products available.

If you drive to McKinney you can select from his stock of hardwoods there. He’s a great guy to know, too.

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Do you remember if he had anything small?

He does have cutoffs that you can peruse, but I’d call him to make sure he has what you’re looking for before driving there.

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can they cut wood to length? I have a small car and always struggle when buying lumber & sheet.

I have never had to but I believe he can


Yes he does. Both drops and shorts. Best to call him.

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