Lost Wax Casting for Jewelry

Is there anyone here who does lost wax casting in DFW? Either provides these services, or teaches classes?

We teach a class about once a month. We just had one this week so it will likely be about 4 weeks until the next one.

In the meantime, you should go to our online training at learn.dallasmakerspace.org and take the online casting class. It will prepare you for the in-person class.

If you’re looking for a casting service, someone else should chime in …


Thanks John, I’ll look into that.

If anyone has reccs on casting services please let me know.

Invest-A-Cast is in Carrollton I believe.
I haven’t had waxes cast there in at least 8yrs.
When I used to go, Tim owned it and was in charge. His father started the business. Workmanship was excellent with very quick turnaround.

If Tim has retired and business has been sold please do research to see what quality of casting and turnaround is like today.

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Great, I’ll check them out. Thanks so much!