Lost RFID tag with USB drive library card and Parks pantry card attached


Tonight a few hours ago I lost a key fob with a blue RFID tag, a silver USB drive, a Parks pantry tag and a Dallas public library tag

Just wanted to post something in case someone finds it.


We should deavtivate the keyfob and get you a new one assigned @StanSimmons are you around in the space today? I’m out of town.


Any member can log into Maker Manager and activate a new fob. Doing so deactivates the old one.


I knew you could register a new one, but i didn’t realize it would automatically deactivate the old one. Good to know.


Otherwise people can make one for a spare, for their friend, etc.


Makes Sense


Well, you sign into MakerManager (easily accessed through the Member Portal dropdown on the right of the stripe at the top of the main page – select MakerManager/Badges). You click on My Badges (top stripe, right side) once you’re logged in. First thing up is Deactivate. Once you’ve done that, you can put the number of the new one in.

Fobs are dirt-cheap – you can chunk the old one when you find it.

I’ll look on the Lost and Found shelf when I get in tonight. That’s in the Common Room by Digital Media, if you’ve never noticed it.


I recommend keeping the old one in a safe place at home or in the car. If the new one is lost, it can be reactivated without having to find a way to get in the building.