Looking to Tour Bio Lab

Now that Makerspace has opened up (Hooray!) I am interested in taking a tour of the space, but the public tours are currently postponed. I was a member of Makerspace from about 2016-2018 so I am familiar with the space, but it seems that some things have changed since then. I am posting here on the science category because I am most interested in seeing the bio lab capabilities firsthand. If anyone is willing and interested, I would appreciate a quick tour. I have read the new policies regarding COVID, and I will follow them carefully.


We are typically in the science area at 2:30pm on Sundays. We will briefly be having an election, but that is typically when you can find the regulars that can tell you the most about the area

Thank you for the information. Due to Father’s Day this Sunday, I will not be able to make it to that, and I would not be able to get inside even if I did come unless one of you let me in. Is there another date and time that is good to tour?

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whats your project?

I am rather swamped right now which is part of why i am not running for chair again. Several science members aren’t really active on talk. We usually text and meet almost every Sunday.

@kobin i think is the most active on talk other knowledgeable person that may be able to meet.

@hon1nbo isn’t in the committee, but i think has a reasonable understanding of what we have. @Lampy i think used to be more involved and knowledgeable but has been on the board recently.


How about the following Sunday June 28 before or after the meeting at 2:30?
As far as equipment, we have:
-multiple centrifuges (from eppendorf to cell culture plate size)
-a couple PCR machines for amplifying DNA
-lots of glassware
-sterile laminar flow hood to work in
-autoclave for sterilizing stuff
-temp controlled incubator/shaker with C02 blanket for growing cell media
-fume hood (hope to get that functional soon)
-balance accurate to milligrams
-pipettes, tips, etc
-more equipment that I can’t think of at the moment

Any project you are particularly interested in?

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Thank you. What do you normally discuss during the meeting? I could probably make that time on June 28th. Right now I just want to see how things are before I get involved with a project. Is anyone familiar with mammalian cell culture labs? Those seem pretty cool and could yield some pretty interesting research experiments if Makerspace has that capability.

Im in town this weekend.

We have a mammalian cell incubator.

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Some plans have changed so I should be able to make it to the meeting at 2:30 this Sunday 6/21 for a while to check it out. I will just need someone to let me in.