Looking to teach laser and possibly multicam

Round two. Covid lockdown started right as I was trying to get teacher training for the lasers, and it looks like things are not as severe (read: “annoying”) now.

Basically, I’m interested in teaching all of the CNC machines at the space. I am currently studying the HAAS guide but in the meantime I would like to get some experience training people on machines I’m already familiar with. I don’t think im cleared on the multicam as of right now but I have built my own 5’x10’ cnc metal router from scratch, so i think i would be able to get up to speed on it enough to teach rather quickly. As far as lasers go, I am very comfortable with them and RDWorks, definitely enough to teach. I haven’t used the new epilog fusion though.


@team_laser @team_woodshop

i have a queston for you please call me 913-251-8342

I’d love training on the CNC machine in the woodshop and possible the Multicam as well.

Let me know if you are interested!

Thank you!

I am not cleared to teach, i am trying to get teacher training

Can’t get cleared to teach before you get cleared to use.

I am aware of that, but i am trained on the laser, and have taken the class 3 times. Which is what I’m looking to teach first, while i get haas training to be a haas teacher.

@Wid if you have taken the class 3 times, I’ll check you out. Message me to set up a class I can shadow and check you out.
Cheers :v:


I need to make some boards with an inscription I already have in the system.
Is it possible you can help me? I have been a member for a few years.
Mostly a woodworker. Thanks, Jeff Whitcomb.

Yeah, let me know when works for you

I’d also like to be trained for laser. Feel free to message!