Looking to Hire Help for Big Painting Robot Project in DFW

Working on large robotics project and need someone who just know how to make and fabricate things, help us make and fabricate things. Looking for skill in woodworking, machining, and general know how. Project is all about getting robots to paint with paint brushes. The immediate need is for someone that can help us build prototypes that will then be used as part of production line. Check out artobotics.com to see more about us. And get in touch with us if you are interested in this paid position. Position can be anything from part time to full time depending on your skills and interest. Looking forward to hearing back from some makers!




You got Jerry Saltz? Saltz?
To even talk to you?
Tell him I say hi

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Haha. He gave a horrible review but I spun it…

It was something like… “It doesn’t look like a robot made it… but that doesn’t make it any good…”

Which I only ever quote as… “It doesn’t look like a robot made it…”



I figured it was a quote like that. :smile:

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