Looking for tour guides!


I am out here gathering a list of names of people willing to give an hour or so a week.

No previous tour experience necessary(if you were like a haunted tours guide though at some point that would be awesome!)!

We will provide training to make whomever is willing to help out more comfortable in giving tours.

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to be clear is this for the regular tour nights on thursday or an off night?

mods can we pin this since it’s an issue to support the makerspace’s ongoing functions?

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If you want the mods to read something, you should tag them. @Team_Moderators. Otherwise, it’s a smidge random about whether or not someone reads it. And when…


Specifically for Thursday night tours.

yes, when I’m available

As is stands and as Patrick mentioned we’re looking for Thursday nights as we’re in dire need. However, we already know there is a demand on off-hours such as during the day and also I have not yet determined a date to run in Saturday, but intend to figure that out within the next 2-3 days. This Saturday during the Holiday market I gave 7 tours between 10a-2p and that doesn’t count the tours that others helped give like Patrick and James. So honestly, if you have any interest in being a tour guide at all, please be on the lookout on the calendar in the coming week or two as I intend to put up a training for tour guides.

We are going to try and have someone in Printmaking each Thursday to show a little of what is possible. This Thursday Robert and I will be cleaning screens the right way. We have about 20 to do so we should be there a while. Robert and I are co-chairs on the Committee. Looking to support the Space any way we can.


It’s great to have Chairs or volunteers in departments on Thursday nights. But, it’s probably better to have tour guides bringing groups in from the Lobby.

I ushered a group of about 35 through the Space, 2 weeks ago. I don’t know how Adam has kept up with this, but I have seen him and crew, doing it every Thursday night that I have been there. This is a very necessary undertaking. The Space is sustained by members, and people come and go. We will always need new members, and this is how we sign them up.

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Russell, thank you for helping me out that evening.

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On top of everything else they do around the Space, I’d like to thank @Edenblue, @mrjimmy, and @Lampy for helping out with tours tonight. Very much appreciated.