Looking for someone with time to clear me on lift tomorrow

I am seeking someone who has time tomorrow or possibly Monday to get me cleared on the lift. I know this is protocol and want to get it out of the way. I’m very capable. I am trying to service the driveline of my vehicle that I leave in Colorado for the winter, before Friday. If you are available or can point me in the direction of persons that are available I’d be very appreciative. I know we are all busy that’s why I’m putting feelers out. Thanks in advance.


I’ve already replied to you privately with my number to arrange a time; you didn’t make the first slots I offered after the first attempt had the lift in use before we arrived, and you never gave me your availability otherwise.

There aren’t many of us teaching currently, and if you want to actually get a class in time you need to state when you can actually do it.

Since it’s not a full class it is still a priority of first-come, first-serve on the lift usage.

Pardon me? I came immediately when you said that you’d be there. In fact I spent 90 minutes up there sorting sockets with you shooting the shit and waited for an opportunity on the lift. I don’t appreciate the condescension as I’m just trying to get this sorted. You stated you were too busy and maybe could do it today. There is no need to be snarky whilst I seek other avenues. I was suggested by another member today to seek someone else when he asked if I had been lift trained and I said you and I hadn’t gotten it sorted. I was informed there were lots of trainers. I also suggested in my first post that I’d be happy to help train others in the future. A lift is not a very complicated tool, in fact most lifts are designed with many failsafes. Especially a drive over one like the shop currently has. Like I said, I understand it’s protocol, I’m just trying to follow the rules.

I’m sorry if my post offended your teaching ego. Will you be available tomorrow to walk me through the basics of the lift and verify I am competent? I used to install auto lifts for a living. I am proficient. This shouldn’t be an issue that you felt the need to respond in such a way, in my opinion.

I had continued to give you times and you had chosen to not take them, nor had you suggested alternatives.

I’m sorry if you can’t seem to get organized.

I am in fact, most of the afternoon before 6

You should bother to respond to those offering you time before you start to waste the next person’s

I’ve attached photos of all of our communication for full transparency. I am not sure why a chairperson as yourself should engage in demeaning conversation as you are. I am just trying to follow the laws of the land. I am very well organized. You seem to be offended by my seeking someone else to assist me because of your arrogance. I do not comprehend why you are attacking me when I am circumventing you because you had other things on your agenda. Is this how all persons of authority at the space treat other members? I don’t take kindly to being insulted. I honestly think I am going to open a formal complaint in regards to this. You may be a big swinging dick around the space but that doesn’t give you the right to treat other people like shit. Your pompous attitude is disheartening and frankly off putting. I pay my dues and contribute like everyone else.

[Personal information removed by moderators]

This is not being excellent to one another. You may need to re read the ethos and act a little more like an adult sir.

Dick, I would recommend that some privacy and discretion regarding personal information would go a long way as a general guideline. Specifically, I am talking about both phone numbers posted in your screenshots. Some members share their #s privately, some post them on notices publicly about the space or on talk. I personally view my number as confidential information and would not want it subject to the views of 2000 unknown people or web crawlers without my explicit permission.

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If you want to work with volunteers you need to actually communicate with them. You have proved nothing with these screenshots except that I gave you another time option you didn’t reply to either accepting or asking for another time.

We’re all volunteers here, and it is a waste of everyone’s time if you keep trying to get multiple instructors to keep their schedules clear for people needing training (which BTW I had done).

No idea why you think in offended; I’m used to members who seems to think they’re customers at this point. I’m just disappointed. What you perceive as arrogance was me having ensured I had time available for a student, then you try to make other instructors do the same thing.

My reply to you tonight honestly had nothing to do with you directly, it was to prevent another instructor from doing the same thing.

One thing on my agenda. One thing that had already passed before you made this thread. I kept the rest of my schedule clear, and you instead now try to make others do the same when you can’t organize otherwise.

Find one insult I’ve thrown expect potentially the one about not being organized (in jest to that apparent perception of you offending me somehow); all I did was reply you needed to follow through with instructors first before trying to tie up other instructors.
I’m simply protecting my instructors time. None of them like it wasted when someone decides to start ghosting for other instructors despite them already clearing time.

You may perceive it as such, but in reality it’s members doing things like you are now that cause our volunteers to burn out, and otherwise creates problems for the space.

Same here man, and as someone who manages a lot of projects and coordinates volunteers I find it extremely disheartening when a member tries to keep trying various people up wastefully.

I did nothing but state the facts to prevent another teacher from being put through the same thing as me.

You’ve attacked me personally, you’ve brought up foul remarks, and you’ve tried to claim that no one has had time to train you. I’ve spent at least 20 hours at the space over the past few days. The only time I haven’t had available was that wedding, and I immediately had an alternative time offered to you and you ghosted reply wise.

Being excellent means also respecting the time of volunteers who are teaching you the equipment

I know other instructors who would feel the exact same way right now if you treated them like this, and I’m not going to let that happen

I understand where you’re coming from. Maybe I should’ve blocked that out. I do not mind anyone having my phone number as it’s pretty much public information when you own multiple companies. However surely you can comprehend where I am coming from with being personally attacked by this individual who holds a high rank at our space, which I don’t think is carrying it with integrity. He could’ve simply moved passed this post and allowed someone else to respond but chose to become accusatory and combative. I felt the need to be transparent and up front as being honest and forthright is something I pride myself on. I honestly can’t believe it has been subjected to this level of bickering. In the time that has been wasted to responding I could’ve been cleared on lift protocol and working on my vehicle. Now I’m considering cancelling the three memberships I pay for.

Jim. Seems like you’re up currently. Would you like to meet at the space now? When are you available to clear me on the elementary skills of using the lift that you hold the torch to? Since you claim I ghosted you. I was there today. Even interacted with you. Got nothing. So. How about it? Meet you there now?

As I’ve already replied privately, I’m already settled at home, and as I’ve already said the afternoon was clear. Pick a time.

You made no mention of trainings at all, and the lifts were in use by motoraports. You hadn’t even mentioned a word about the lift since Friday afternoon when I told you I would be around Saturday, until you started this thread. There are 2000+ active members, and I hadn’t even met you before Wednesday. Not everyone knows everyone well. Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was you needing training without a mention of it.

As a side PSA for everyone, the lift is one of the most dangerous things we have at the space. The last “master mechanic” who installed a bunch of lifts that talked like this proceeded to lift a vehicle with someone’s head stuck in the back of a wheel well. Complacency kills, not all lifts are the same, it’s not as simple as roll on and press a button.
Do not have this mentality about tools in our space, especially given the way members treat our tools and the limited resources committees have on their upkeep.


“Maybe I should have blocked that out”. Maybe? You absolutely should have. If you can’t or won’t cop to that, I question your willingness to recognize where else you might be out of line. I don’t know what transpired in this case, but for me, Jim’s @hon1nbo past actions speak highly in his favor.

Cop to what? The fact that I didn’t block out someone’s phone number because it’s 2019 and public information so I don’t see it as an issue? I apologized and it’s been removed. I comprehend people view things differently than I.

You must not realize with a $4.99 app one can find out anyone’s phone numbers, address, vehicle registration, property owned, and criminal record…

It’s the digital age. Not 1984. Thank you for your input anyway. I’ve apologized to Jim and hopefully will have this sorted out soon.

Lots of things are public information - property records (with addresses), criminal records, etc. Phone numbers and email addresses are not.

The fact that he posted personal information is between him and the moderators. He was perfectly polite and the only reason a moderator took it down was because he asked for our help.

It’s very easy on talk to get into the habit of reading threads and jumping on any perceived injustice as an opportunity to deride someone, wether or not anyone fully understands the situation. That, in my opinion, is a far worse offense and puts down the seeds of a very negative environment.

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I love that you acknowledge that addresses are publicly attainable and think that phone numbers are not.

You must be fortunate enough to have never gotten a phone call about your cars warranty expiring. Or never gotten any spam in your email box. Lucky for you.

Yes, cop to not admitting one should not post phone numbers and addresses for ready access to everyone. I’ve leaned through experience that people are often not as off-putting as they come across online, and I’m including myself in that characterization.

I disagree. The fact public information was posted on DMS Talk, IMO, means it’s fair game for comment. Expressing that I don’t think it is excusable behavior is valid, as I’m part of the community that participated in this forum.

Im only contending that posts like that serve no positive purpose and only foster a negative environment. As long as it doesn’t break our policies, you’re welcome to post however you see fit.

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Point taken. It wasn’t my intent to be negative, but if it seemed so to you, it likely did to others.