Looking for someone to make a tray

Can anyone make a ceramic tray for me, about 9" x 17" with skull imprints and in a teal color? I have a picture of a smaller tray that I’d like to coordinate with, but don’t see the option to attach pictures here.

UPDATE - Picture attached below, thanks!

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Tap/ click the upload button to get the “browse for file” interface.

Or if you’re on desktop, drag-n-drop into the text box should work, too…

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Click the upload button to add photos. Then browse to where the photo is on your device.

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Thanks for the pointers. Picture attached.

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Does this look enough like teal? Those skulls will be trickier. Looks like they used some sort of mat to get the skulls (and didn’t get a good solid impression, either).

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Might be reproducible with a 3D printed or carved clay stamp… Just a thought

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Those skulls are an mkm roller


I wonder if we can get someone in woodshop to make us a form 9x17 that is beveled like the GR Pottery forms? https://grpotteryforms.com/collections/rectangles/products/rectangle-6x18 Cuz it doesn’t look like they have a form to those dimensions… If we CAN then I will make the tray for you… I have a few “Teal” Options as well…


@prl2018 :slight_smile:?

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Can’t find it on my phone, but in the pictures posted of the fired glazed items, there was a blue rectangular tray that looked like what I have in mind.
I think the skulls on the piece I have are just stamped on. It doesn’t need to be identical, just coordinate.

I like that color. :blush:

That’s perfect!

You are probably speaking of @Monikat’s piece :slight_smile:

If this is the piece…it is storm.

I think the watercolor one

This is swirls of different Underglazes with a clear on top.


Sure, I can make the form next time I’m in. It probably wouldn’t be until the beginning of next week though. Any idea what the bevel angle is? I think the ones I did before were at 30 and 45 degrees… The 45 seemed to be the preferred. Also, with shrink in mind… How much larger than the 9x17 or so should it be?


No the one I saw was rectangular, but that’s the idea.

It doesn’t have to be precise. Just general measurements for the counter space where I’ll put it. An inch or 2 bigger either direction. Not more than an inch smaller.