Looking for someone to fabricate this

I need a display case similar to this:
5 step tiered display. However, I need the bins to lock securely with a key. The top of each display bin must be clear acrylic, but the sides and bottom can be black.

Reach out to me at 2089012374
I need these no later than September 20th.

There’s a lot of questions that will help you get better answers

  • Dimensions?

  • Materials required?

  • How much weight in the bins?

  • Specific requirements on tolerances for dimensions?

  • Requirements on how finely made it is? (as in well-sanded and finished wood, or just stable to do the job).

  • You mention the bins need to lock. Are the bins static and the clear acrylic locks in place/is hinged, or is it the bins have acrylic tops and the bin itself is removed with a lock

  • Are all the bins required to be under one lock cylinder rather than one per row (which can add complexity to the build to make a cam or retaining mechanism that works with the steps).

  • Is it used for something valuable enough to smash the acrylic (i.e. needs thicker or treated materials for resistance to forced entry).

  • Is this more of a child lock/keep honest people honest or for security? (i.e. a box that has screws exposed is simpler to build and can be used for the former, but for the latter it has to be built such that it cannot be disassembled without removing the bin covers)

  • Do you need it to lock with an existing key?

  • Does the security model include people that know lockpicking (high security key) or just against randos that have access when your back is turned for a few minutes?

  • Are the front of the bins also intended to be clear, or just the tops?

  • Does the unit need to be boltable to the floor?