Looking for Slip Casting Molds

I’m looking for any slip casting molds I can use for experimental sculpting and/or to create functional ceramics. If anyone has old molds they are looking to get rid of I would love to take them off your hands. If anyone is willing to give them away for free that would be ideal, but I’m willing to buy them for cheap as well. I’m not really looking to buy them at a high price right now. :grin:

@Julie-Harris had some, or might know of some…


Hoo baby, have I got a deal for you! You want about 20 molds? When can you come by DMS?


Sometime next week? This sounds promising… :sweat_smile:

I should be here Monday afternoon and evening. And the same Friday. I’ve got some times I’ll be here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but less open-ended.