Looking for Sewing Machine Training

Hi! New to DMS here. I’m interested in learning how to use a sewing machine and haven’t seen any classes offered yet. Would love some one-on-one training if anyone’s willing to offer it. Cheers!


Make that one on two. I wanna learn too.

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@jrkriehn, @dryad2b, @sinless, @Kriskat30

Give me a couple of weeks. I’m doing taxes and it may be a little wild for a bit…

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I am also interested

So the first time I’ve really got is Sunday 2/9. Would 3pm work for y’all?


That works well for me!

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Hi, I would like to join the ‘learn how to use a sewing machine’ too :))
Will you be setting up/listing a class on the calendar that we should RSVP to?

Thank you,
Utopia Weiner
[email protected]

Yes. The class is set for Sunday 2/9, at 3 pm. It’s still in Calendar Limbo, and it should show up in 2 more days.

Thank you! I will check for this class to appear on the events calendar. Can’t wait to RSVP to it!

Sooooo… would 5-7pm on that same Sunday work for you?

It would work for me. I tried to sign up but the class filled fast.

Yeah – I noticed that! I’ll put another class behind that, so 7-9. Should be up by 12 midnight this Saturday (takes 72 hrs for class to show up on the calendar…

That was weird. It wouldn’t let me put them straight back to back, so it’s officially 5:30 to 7:30.

We’ll just be loosey-goosey about the whole thing. Show up sometime 5-ish, and we’ll go from there.

Was there some “cleanup” time built into the previous class timeline?

I didn’t think so – I don’t normally do that. One never knows, though. Still, 2 hrs may be optimistic, so I’m good.