Looking for schedule of training classes

New member and looking for a schedule of the training needed in each area, class times (if available), etc. I looked at the calendar of events, but that does not appear to be training. Sorry for the newbie question, but want to get started in a few areas, and need to make sure I am safe and trained. Thanks

The calendar of events is at https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org.

Which areas would you like to get started in?

The Calendar is the place to look:

Everything is led/taught/maintained by volunteers, so check back often - some classes also tend to fill up quickly. But everything goes through the calendar - if you can’t find a specific class after watching the calendar, request a class on talk.

For most things in the Metal Shop, you will need to take a “Hot Safety Course” - there is one tonight: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar

Woodshop will need the “Woodshop Basic Class” - there are typically 3-6 a month. I’ll post another one later this week [for the week of Jan 22] - but others might put one out sooner. The lathes require a “Lathes Basic” class.

Lasers, 3D Printing, and Ceramics [and a couple of other areas] have online training that can be found here:Dallas Makerspace: Log in to the site

Ceramics also has several “100” and “101” classes, which go over the rules and help people learn the fundamentals. Laser occasionally has office hours [the next one on the calendar is Jan 12] where they assist/answer questions.

As you become more familiar with the Space and proficient with the tools - consider teaching classes [either project classes or “tool required” classes]. More teachers are always welcome.

Last thing - you need to request your “Green Dot”, it will open up the “Members Only” portion of this forum. Other benefits/information can be found here:Just did my first visit to DMS - #3 by TSki

Thanks for the details and quick response. I requested my green dot and will keep an eye on the calendar for the Woodworking 101 class. Have a project I need to finish on the big machines (my small shope does not have them. ) Thanks

Thanks, appreciate the quick response. Will keep an eye on it.

Starting in Woodshop, and maybe the lasers. I will keep an eye on the calendar and request a class if nothing shows up soon. Appreciate the response.

Laser training is online at learn.dallasmakerspace.org. If you’d like for someone to help you the first time I have office hours on Thursday at 7pm.

Woodshop Basics is posted to our calendar regularly. If you’d like to be notified whenever a new class is posted, you can join our discord.



Thanks, took the laser training, and also joined Discord. Not obvious how to get notified of a new Woodshop class, so I posted there to get some help. Apprecaite the advice. Also just got my green button and updated my profile. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not live yet [within 72Hrs]: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar