Looking for private workspace

There are ways… even the caveman did it…er I mean Egyptians, Romans, ect…Some would even say Aliens.


I wish, unfortunately with Plano’s restrictions, I’d need to get a permit. Plus it would be almost impossible to get a container into my backyard. No access for even a regular size shed to be wheeled in from the front and the driveway alley backs up right against Parker and a retaining wall. I have to do a 8 pt turn if I want to park my long bed F150 in the driveway. On top of ALL that I have 3 massive oak trees in the backyard so even if a crane could get it over the 10ft high fence, they’d have tons of branches to contest with :frowning:

Excuses! Excuses! We’re makers, so where there is a will, there’s a way. We can make anything work! :wink: :rofl:

But what about do what pool builders do to get big equipment in backyards, temporarily take down a portion of the fence until the work is done?


I saw a video of a guy getting his 20’ container craned over his house. I was thinking ‘f that!’ while watching it. I have them building me an 8x14 shed on Tuesday.

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Lol, 10 ft high fence, Sounds like the perfect cover for a container… Paint the roof green so if they pull up Satelite view, it looks like a back yard still.

As long as the insurance is good, I wouldn’t worry. Who wants to have a boring life anyway? LOL


Plant sod, even better

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So that happened at the house I grew up in before we moved into it. The previous owners wanted a spa and since the houses were only 6-7 feet apart on each side, they had to go over the 2 story house with a crane to put it in the backyard.

Then you might have to do this to now it. Lol


That sucks - if I knew how to operate. Crain I wound help you out :wink:

HB Smart II


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When I needed an utility shed I went to the Home Depot shed display in the parking lot, broke out my tape measure and a pencil, and wrote down the measurements of every 2x4 in the thing. Then went home and built an identical shed. Framed the foundation using 2x8(?) galvanized steel framing members. Cost was somewhere around $800 versus the $2500 they were asking.


I don’t know if you can buy a Pod, but when you’re using one for moving, it comes with a truck with a crane to set it down in your driveway. Might not be big enough to set it down in the back yard… (the crane, that is)

And the workmanship on yours was probably 100% nicer than the one in the HD parking lot. I was contemplating building a shed a few years ago, and looked at the Tuff Sheds at Home Depot. I came away thinking, “if your ‘demo’ model looks this bad, how bad will the one you ship to my house be?”

Yeah, mine is dimensionally identical but 100% screwed together rather than nailed. That one thing alone makes for a much sturdier shed.

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While I cannot speak to their quality, I gather that Tuff Shed makes higher tiers of product than they sell at the 'Despot - available from them directly.

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Not to fully hijack the thread but I got my shed built today. The two builders got it done in about 6-7 hours


Was it a kit?

No, the company DFWshed built it. Its their 8x14 Lean-To model. I had them add a window

Saw this on Facebook Marketplace today. Way too rich for my blood. Not really looking for a shed or container not enough room in the backyard as it is for the dogs and then there is the whole Plano HOA thing. Once I figured out sqft/year pricing there are some small rental properties on Looper that might be options in the future if this continues longer not sure how they would feel about a workshop/woodshop moving in though.

That’s cool, but not twenty-five large cool for a tarted-up TEU.


Also beware of other restrictions… In Lewisville once you hit the magic 200sq ft size you must brick it.

At my previous house we built the workshop at 192sq ft to stay under that limit.