Looking for price to assemble/setup mach3 controller


Hey guys, Ive got a 5x10 cnc router im hooking up and wanted to update the old controller so I bought a PMDX breakout and motherboard, and gecko drivers. Wondering if anyone here has any experience with these and wanted to get me a cost to get it up and running. The machine is in my shop in Ponder (near Denton). If anyone wants to take it on let me know what you need to get me a quote.



Doesn’t look like you got any takers. I helped put together the old EMCO mill we had a few years ago. Mach3 Is actually really easy to set up. I’d like to help but I am completely swamped for the next couple of months. I can help with questions. Currently engaged with a struggling high school team trying to build a robot. As their only resource. no way I can take time off… too bad too because I like these systems. Anyway, Like I say, I can give some advice if that helps.






Which PMDX boards and Gecko Drivers do you have? What types of steppers are you using with them? I have experience with Mach 3 also, but limited time to devote to another project.



Thanks Steve! Ill keep that in mind if I decide to tackle it.

David, heres what I got

Gecko G203v drivers

Simple Motherboard for Geckodrive G201X and G203V Stepper Motor Drivers
Item# PMDX-134

Multi-Mode Breakout Board
Item# PMDX-126

Ill get the info on the steppers tomorrow when im at the shop

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We have an older mill that was donated 6-8 months ago along with the PC and parallel cable to drive it. (It is in offsite storage, it was accepted as a donation.)

I suspect if there was a DMS project that was worthy of breaking it down, that would be a cool repurposing. I think it will be too old, as is, to be useful. The servos should be fine for repurposing.

Also, I know a guy (me) who has 11 industrial grade servos that might donate some to DMS for a smaller router table. Not for personal use. DMS project only.