Looking for P100 Mask

I am searching for a P100 Mask to borrow, buy, or trade. I need the mask to work with some glass refractory that is rather insidious when cut up.

Does it need to be P100 or will N95/N100 work? The ‘P’ designation means it’s oil vapor safe and typically used for organic vapours.

I may have some of the other kind in storage though I’d still have to check.

Unsure if you’re already familiar or not, but for anyone else it’s handy information anyway. From NIOSH:

Respirators in this family are rated as N, R, or P for protection against oils. This rating is important in industry because some industrial oils can degrade the filter performance so it doesn’t filter properly.* Respirators are rated “ N ,” if they are N ot resistant to oil, “ R ” if somewhat R esistant to oil, and “ P ” if strongly resistant (oil P roof). Thus, there are nine types of disposable particulate respirators:

  • N-95, N-99, and N-100;
  • R-95, R-99, and R-100;
  • P-95, P-99, and P-100



You can add KN95 to that list since they can now be imported. Similar standard to N95, but produced overseas and not tested the same. Used to be illegal to import (probably due to lower/non-US testing standards) until earlier this year.


Looks like N95 may be fine? Not sure how to specify which grade without doing more reading, I just saw several other people in various forums mention using P100.

It’s for working with Inswool, MSDS is here

I have a small Miller welding mask that fits under a helmet - I got it primarily for when welding Stainless Steel. It has P100 filters.

Are you trying to filer out some specific compound? If so, then you need to get the specific filters for it. If just particulate size will do, then N95-N100 will probably be acceptable. (N or R or P). It looks like particulate is what you are worried about. You may want something that covers eyes also. Many moons ago, I had to do inspections at suppliers for the thermal blankets for rocket motors, I was required to wear a full face mask and a disposal Tyvek coverall because of lose fibers.