Looking for opportunities to help and learn

Hello all,
I haven’t been to the makerspace in a while and I’m looking to return as I have a lot more free time now.

I’m looking for more learning opportunities outside of classes. So if anyone needs help with a project and doesn’t mind question I’d appreciate the opportunity to learn and help. I am pretty flexible with my schedule.

Let me know if you have questions.
Thank you all,
Jeremy Comeaux


What types of areas are you particularly interested in?

[edit] wait, just saw that you posted under woodshop :slight_smile:

Mainly wood working but willing to do other things also.

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I don’t have any projects currently that involve woodworking. Is there anything you’re working on currently or have in mind?

I’m thinking of making a challenge coin holder for my wife.

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I will be using the multicam CNC in the next week, if you want to draw something up I could cut it out for you while I have it set up. If it can be made with eighth inch Baltic birch and is a reasonable size I could enjoy the company.

Those the ones with the little shelves? That’d be a good starting project. Can use the laser for marking/cutting/template and get some woodworking in at the same time. What would the backing image be?

Thanks Adrian, I don’t have any projects that involve Baltic Birch just yet. If you need help I’ll be glad to come by and learn some.

Hello Aaron,
I’m thinking of desk top hexagon pyramid with an image from my wife’s book (cat’s paw) in the center of the top tier.

You have a sketch of what you have in mind? I can’t really visualize that.

I have a big woodworking project I’ve just started and would appreciate your help. Problem is, I need to pass the woodworking and lathe classes before I can do anything there myself. I have some tools here at home, so I can do nearly everything except the lathe work and drill press. (We have a drill press, but it wobbles; perhaps I can fix it.)

The lathe part of the project requires turning 49 spindles identical except about one third are shorter on the square stock end. I’ve got to make a template.

At this point in the project, I’ve got a small part of the project requiring the drill press. Or the hand drill if I can’t access a working drill press.

Hello Shannon,
Sounds great, happy to help. Let me know when and where.

Thank you! I reserved Saturday’s 12 noon class for the Bread Board Boot Camp - after I had already reserved and paid for Friday night’s class. (I didn’t see Saturday’s class soon enough.) I’m waiting to hear back from the teacher to see if he’ll change my reservation payment to Saturday’s class. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know. I’m hoping to get a lot done this Saturday - just don’t know the timing.

Sounds good. Let me know.