Looking for older Apple gizmos


I bought 10 Apple Cinema displays at an auction.

Now I realize that I need an external power supply to test them. There is a 65w power supply. If you are looking to sell one or several. I am interested.

Same same. I have 2x Apple 4tb external storage drives. I need a Thunderbolt cable to test 1 of them.

Same same Apple keyboard and mouse. I might be OK on this as I have pc versions that seem to be running. Cannot tell for sure without a working monitor.

All items are needed. I will probably need more than 1 power supply.

Cannot test the HDs without power to the display. Cannot test the 10 displays without 1 power supply. Cannot drive the computer without a valid KB and mouse.

I consider all this convoluted and funny.

WTF people? Let's talk - expected member responsibilities

I donated an apple display to science with the power brick. You can probably borrow the supply for testing your gear.


@Diplomat this is one of the things one could just ask /c/vcc/ about :wink: after all how many apples do we have?

Any who, I’ll make this part simple:

Honestly, anything since the iMac G3 from apple uses standard stuff that ibm clone pcs use. Especially these days with it all be special built PC boards that can run anything a custom built pc can over drive for the same price.

Don’t get to caught up by the Cult of Mac’s marketing and hype. Its a Unix system so anything that works under FreeBSD or Linux (especially linux) will work on a Mac.

If you like I could take a look at some of them for you and run some tests on the hard drives since I still have a few connections with that part of the industry.


FYI those displays can appear dead even if perfectly fine, because they won’t power on without a video signal input.

Also the OEM supplies are silly expensive, but you can pick up something suitable on amazon for about $15 - look for 24V power scooter chargers. need to snip the cable but it’s just a red and black wire


I wouldn’t look on amazon for replacement parts. Ebay is way better for that sort of thing


hmm guess the 65W aren’t so bad… i was looking for 150W adapters for the old 30" cinema displays, and even on ebay those go for $70+


I could be completely wrong here in the models. @Diplomat could you enlighten us on which generation/model numbers these are?


oh I think you’re correct, I just personally had a similar situation where I came into possesion of some old cinema displays in unknown condition without power adapters.


Welcome to apple.

It’s a convoluted world.

Try the goodwill computer works for the power supplies. Haskell ave (I think) in Dallas.

They have hoards of cords and power supplies. They used to have lots of great stuff. It’s been a bit light on anything in the last few years, but stuff like you’re looking for should be there.

What does the power supply look like? Is it not a standard 2 or 3 pin computer power cable? Making it non-standard (and then charging $70 for it) is a very post-Tim Cook apple move. But it’s not anything new.



As for the apple keyboard and mouse - standard works fine. There’s nothing special about the apple versions (except the cost).

There are no additional functions in the apple keyboard or mouse.

You may have to configure it to use a standard us 104 key in settings.

What does the 65w connector look like? Is it a TRS connector?