Looking for info or group that knows how to make custom mouse pads


Looking to make a custom mouse pad that is 14 x 24 - any classes coming up on this? Anyone know the process - does DMS have all the necessary equipment?

Thanks in advance!


More information would be helpful. Are you wanting to dye sub graphics on a mousepad that big or looking to actually make a pad that big?


I just signed up for June 19 shirt dye sublimation - going to try to buy mouse pad - just want to print on it. Same process?


I would suggest waiting until after the class. Will need to be certain type of fabric on mousepad and certain size limitations but also depends on your graphics. Our Dye sub printer won’t print that large but you may be able to do multiple passes depending on graphics.


Your limiting factor will be the size of dye sub paper we are able to print. I think you’d have to print two pages and lining them up is challenging depending on the deaign. Something like a photo would likely have a line where the pages split.


I suggest going to the Dye Sublimation page under CA. There you will find suppliers. You can order your mouse pads and have them delivered in time for the class.


A 14" x 24" dye sub mousepad would require both multiple prints, and multiple presses. The largest paper we can currently run through the printer is 11" x 17", which is an effective 10" x 16" final piece. Our press is 16" x 20", so even if you could print large enough, it would require two presses to do the entire thing.

On a side note, [email protected]$% that’s a big mouse! :mouse:


So he wants to make a rat pad. I am sooo tempted to change the title…


Capybara pad? On another note, I personally like having the gigantic pads on desks. You never run out of space that way.


Large sheets of white neoprene fabric can be easily cut to size, and the fabric adhered to it is generally polyester, so it takes dye sub ink well.


Its a board game mat for a new game called Dwarven Smithy - they give you a free graphic for the 14x24 mat but you have to figure out how to et it done - most places are very expensive- so wanted to see what my options were.


Do you have a link to the large sheets of white neoprene at a supplier?


So here is a low res version of the graphic in question. If I was passionate about it and didn’t mind a little bleeding from one image to the other I would open this in Photoshop. Split the two sides into separate prints. Market and cards in another and bottom on 4th print then heat it one at a time after trimming to edges. B69C64E7-A2E8-4282-8BC9-09E579500667


Honestly - I may just crop the 2 sides and then split it right down the middle - if I can crop 2 inches off both sides then it’s 14 x 20 and I could use 2 10x16 printable areas to accomplish it. I will come to that class so I get a better idea of exactly how it all works and the limitations involved. Thanks

CaryF300 - I would still like to know where to get the neoprene white sheets if you have a supplier you have used in the past.


All of the suppliers I use are listed on the Dye Sub wiki page. I think Conde sells sheets, but they may be more expensive than buying from a fabric store/web site.

I can print 13" x 19" at home. If you send me the image, I can split it and print it for you, and bring the print with me. I’d charge $5 to cover my paper and ink costs for the prints.

FYI, any time yo need to split an image, I recommend printing a slight overlap, so that you can trim one, and line them up more easily.


I made the 14 x 24 game mat last night - fine white lines in between pages - next time maybe overlap pages by 1/8" see if that does better. Not bad but not perfect either.


I think that turned out very nice for having to use multiple pages and multiple presses. You did a great job.


That looks great!

This space intentionally left blank…


Well thanks. The 2mm pad is a little stretchy way more than a 3mm pad - so it’s tricky getting to to lay straight etc.

The wife did a mouse pad - came out great.