Looking for info on tour schedule

I’l be teaching an Arduino class at the Lewisville Library Makerspace next week and wanted to include a couple of DMS links including info on the tour schedule. I may be overlooking it but I did not see one. Also, we had a video tour at one time. Is that still available?



not sure on the video tour; I am not aware of one, except this on yootoob that’s old…

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Good for you…thanks for thinking of us :–)


Maybe this is a stupid question, but why is there no information about tours on the front page of our website? There is a section called “Visit Us”, but no mention of tours. On a casual search of our website I was unable to find the page referenced above that provides this information, so I can assume that most people will also not find it. @Team_Infrastructure


Most of us are nerds, and figure people will see “oh, there’s a wiki, let’s go there for more information” and there, on the front page, is more about how to find us, and the tours page:

But yeah, should probably add that into the main main page, and the main page on Confluence, too, for good coverage…

Great suggestion!


Added a Tours section to the DMS homepage:

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 2.59.39 PM


Oh, yes: I like that. Thank you.

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