Looking for advice on using cedar in a project

I am building a dog crate for my daughter somewhat like the one in the link here: https://texascustomkennels.com/dog-kennels/dog-kennel-entertainment-center/
I was going to use aromatic cedar because it looks nice and also helps repel fleas and ticks. The only thing is that I have heard that cedar is not that great at being “structural”. I was going to use 1"x4" boards as the slats for the kennel but I’m wondering when I put the top on and add drawers and possibly a TV whether they will be strong enough or may warp. Any advice out there?

It’s only good IF and only IF Fido gets kenneled when you are not using the tv, etc.

I love the idea of reclaiming floor space, but putting the pet under the tv and loud sound isn’t my 1st or 2nd or 3rd choice for locales. The crate/pen/den is the place of refuge, not just during pizza delivery times.


If someone were watching TV, the dog would be on the couch with them. The crate is pretty much only used at night for the dog to sleep in because…well…SOMEONE is a bed hog.
The question is of course, will it be a safe space to sleep because the wood is strong enough.

you have to call it a 6 sided playpen otherwise CPS gets called.


She’s 22 so that went out the window a long time ago. It’s easier now anyway, give her a bottle of wine and she is asleep on the couch an hour later.


I understand what you are saying there, and my multiple hounds have free range… But if and when they have “digestive issues” or need to be kenneled or quarantined, etc… Then if you have room in another quieter less occupied room, the more normal it is for the doggo to be put in. If the pen is ALWAYS in the breakfast nook, then they know its always fine, safe, not just a time-out place.

As for bed hogging, my bed has more room these days since the untimely passing of our 75 lb. Rhodesian recently. My Catahoula (55 lbs) and the sausage (13 lb rat terrier) still manage to get in the way on the bed.

The lab mix sleeps with the soon to be 13 year old son, so I guess I don’t worry about how much space she takes.

Back to the subject at hand: Cedar is fine for siding, just include some more “structural” pieces for the corner uprights< and you will be fine >

I would make it out of regular lumber, then line the sides with thin planks of aromatic cedar. That way you could have the structural integrity and the cedar’s aromatic benefits.

If the dog is a chewer, however, I’d use steel.

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I’m thinking of maybe switching to poplar.

I’mwith Mike here. Build the structure out of another wood used in construction, like poplar, pine, maple, even fir, then plank it with cedar. There are a number of places like Home Depot that sell the planking. Many people use it to line their closets.

Cedar is in general prone to splitting, difficult to machine (it is very soft), very cheap and generally full of knots etc. I’ve turned small pieces of it on a lathe (bottle stopper), used it for a fence (it deters rotting and insect damage) , and built a worm farm from it (there is a lot of moisture in a worm farm), but never for anything in the house or with an animal in it. (Worms don’t count because they can’t exactly push or chew on it)

Good luck with your project. I think poplar is a great choice.