Looking for a windows 7 code


I am working on building a pc, and I need a windows 7 code, maybe you have an old desktop laying around with the sticker on it. I need it so I can create the boot off of microsoft’s site. To download the iso disk I need to make have a valid code.



If the machine already has it installed you can pull the key while it’s running.

If this is a new build then I’d use Windows 10. It’s much better and Windows 7 support ends soon.

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Possible slight hijack warning!

This is the first time I have heard this from someone I trust on the subject. I haven’t switched from W7 for three main reasons: 1) It does everything I want/need at current time (i.e. if it ain’t broke…); 2) Windows 10 privacy concerns…my understanding is 10 gathers even more telemetry than before, and that MS uses it in ads and marketing and selling; 3) Control: I just can’t cotton to forced updates that I may not need or want on a machine I own.

@lukeiamyourfather, are any of these still concerns in your opinion? If you know of an authoritative write-up/article, I’d be happy to read.

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When you install Windows 10 the first thing it does before you log in for the first time is present you with options to turn off features that have privacy implications. I turn all of them off (location, voice and handwriting recognition, unique advertising ID, etc.). The rest of the privacy concerns are related to the app store which I don’t use and never have. When it asks for you to sign up for a Microsoft account simply don’t do it and create only a local user account.

It’s better about warning users when updates are going to be installed. Initially it would randomly reboot while you’re in the middle of something without warning. It doesn’t do that anymore. I would prefer to have complete control over this but it’s much better now than when it launched.

In January 2020 Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 so this will be a moot discussion at that point because the feasible options will be Windows 8 or Windows 10 and that’s an easy call to make. People can try to use Windows 7 but it’ll be a matter of time before there’s crippling malware that won’t have any countermeasure outside of support.

If you’re concerned about privacy and control then you should be using Linux. I use Linux probably 70% of the time and with each passing year it does more and more of what I need. If you don’t run any Windows only niche applications then you might find Linux does everything you need and is as good as or better than Windows 7.



Almost to a fault. The Java updater makes me want to punch something.



win 10 is amazeballs, and no one wants to read your secret poems Marshal :wink:



Thanks…that helps. I am a Linux fan, but for legacy work reason have always been stuck with Windows, even on personal PC since I used it for work, too, and it just made sense.

I’d switch over to Linux totally in a second if there was a really good knock-off of Microsoft Outlook, including ability to reliably/accurately convert older email archives (I have just about every work and personal email I have ever sent for past 20 years) and integrate Contacts, Calendar, Task, Reminder, Note stuff…all the PIM functionality. I have been using Outlook for so long that I shudder about trying to switch as I really depend on it on a day-to-day basis.

I’ll go out to internet and see if any Linux offerings seem to have cracked that nut as of 2019, or are at least worth trying for a while.


Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Linux

Like my very recent Haiku?:

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I also have a secret limerick that explores my origination myth as being from Nantucket, if you want to see it?



Just wait until you guys have legacy test gear that requires you to keep a WinXP machine around.

I have a small stack of old laptops just for XP and a parallel port to run some chip programmers. :slight_smile:





Try a local thrift store if you can… or look for folks giving away computer or laptop parts/cases. Often you can find a CoA that way.




Just wait until you have (perfectly functional) legacy lab hardware from a defunct vendor that uses interface software that will only run in native DOS 6.2 via a “real” serial port, and your motherboard just went kaput. :smiley:



I agree with Luke. Just install 10.

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Have you had any experience with Linux/Evolution:



Lots of experience with Linux. None with Evolution.