Looking for a riding mower


I am in desperate need of a riding mower. And my budget is $250. And if you need me to sweeting the deal. I’ll throw my push mower in. It works. My feet are getting to the point I can’t push mow. And my kids will not mow the lawn. I have no more than that to offer. I’m in Gainesville, Texas and it would be a great help if someone would be willing to deliver too. Thank you for reading.



If you didn’t already, a quick search of C/L in Texaoma area reveals slim pickings, but a couple of real options as well:




If the engine spins over and the gas tank isn’t rusted up then you’ll most likely just need to buy a cheap carburetor kit off of Amazon.com that includes an air filter, hoses, and fuel filter then change the oil after you get it going.

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I might have a hookup for you. let me text some people and get back to you

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