Looking for a like-minded tabletop crafter/rpg'er/40k'er

I am looking to make a new friend or two who is into crafting and playing tabletop rpg’s, might be into 40k and could introduce me, into dungeon crawls like Gloomhaven, D&D, 3d printing…

I know the Form 2 is still down but I would appreciate the opportunity to hang around while you print so I could learn and absorb or meet up to paint and play. I’m pretty open here, just seeing who I can meet to expand on these interests.

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If three people came along, how would you narrow it down to one or two candidates?

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There’s a weekly D&D game on Thursdays (technically more than one most weeks) and some of us come up on the weekends to paint miniatures, etc.

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I’ve been wanting to get into 40K for a while but none of my friends or anyone I knows has ever showed any interest.

if your into 40k you enjoy what I have on my hands to do and join. I’m busy learning to cast in metal and have already got some 40k minis cast in wax ready to transfer over to a plaster cast for pewter once the jewelry furnace situation is fixed. Also am planning to do some lasercutting in wood and acrylic for terrain if you’d be interested also.

Lastly I got a class next Sunday(?) for teaching bases if your interested.

I do most of my playing out my FLGS close to home sadly.

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I run a D&D game on Thursday nights, and a bunch of us get together on weekends to paint minis, build terrain, etc. Also, I’m working on putting together a GMs club.

Hope to see you soon!

Thanks for the responses.
@steve I’ll send you a message
@spencleb those are groovy. I took the intro to lasers class and would enjoy meeting up with you when you are making.
@GTHolkan Are the weekend get-togethers impromptu or planned?

Usually impromptu. I can put up a post here in the Tabletop forum next time we are planning on it. It sounds like some of us are actually planning on getting together this weekend to paint and make stuff. Probably Saturday afternoon/evening.

My wife has also set up a Bad Movie Night (with crafting) at the MakerSpace for February 2nd.
Bad Movie Night
A bunch of us that game regularly at DMS will be there.