Looking for a beginner ceramics class

Hello! I am looking for someone able to teach me ceramics (throwing, shaping, etc.) I have zero experience. I saw all the classes were full so I thought I’d see if anyone teaches private lessons. Please let me know if you do!


(And the obligatory extra letters so the post is long enough.)

If you’d like to give hand-building a try, my class for next Sunday (at 3pm) should show up late Wednesday night for sign up.

Here’s how submitting classes go. I entered the class on Sunday night (really late). Since it’s up for honorarium, it sits in limbo for 72 hrs to give the class auditors a chance to reject it, and then it drops onto the Calendar and is available for folks to sign-up.

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I have been watching for a throwing class as well. I have taken three hand-building classes and want to move on to something new.

If @Liamluu isn’t interested, I would be willing to help get you started. Let me know if you are unable to connect with Liam or attend a throwing class.

I’ll give this a day or two, and if Liam or … was it Nicole? don’t put up a throwing class, I’ll do one. It’ll be at least November.

Nicole is our of town this week I believe.

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I put up a series both before and after my long work travel. I will resume more after I’m back in mid Nov

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