Looking for a 3D printing service

First off, I didn’t post this in job listings, because I’m not necessarily looking to hire anyone off the makerspace. More looking for y’all’s knowledge.
I am in need of a 3D printing service to do a production run. I’m looking for a service that can do SLS, preferably NOT operating largely expensive printers (HP, Stratsys, etc). The reason being, I am going to need to source this to multiple vendors due to timeline. I need them all to be using the same equipment. It will be easier to distribute the load if they are operating printers that more vendors are likely have.

Have you tried researching this on Google yet?

I’m searching multiple avenues. Just seeing if anyone here has a recommendation.

Although I have not used them, I have toured their facility and they have many very capable machines. They are directly across the street from TheLab in Richardson.


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