Looking for 6mm aluminum rods

I was told @Mrholthaus might know where I could buy some locally but if anyone else has any good ideas I am all ears. I could buy on Amazon but I’d rather not wait

That’s probably going to be an oddball size to get. Closest you might get is 1/4 which is only about .014” larger (0.01377952755905 real number larger)

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I need smaller or exact as it is a rod that fits in an existing hole.

Maybe welding rods?

Nvmd. Tim is right that’s a really weird size

MIght you be able to use some fine-grit sandpaper/emery cloth/whatever and “sand-to-fit”? Not sure about how much ft-length of rod is involved or tolerances involved (seemed like you had wiggle room from comment), but maybe it’s a solution if 6mm is too hard or expensive to locate?

Maybe drill rod?

How close is the fit? Could you machine an end & use it that way?

How about this?


Maybe this? They are in Carrolton near DMS

Wait, REV robotics is here? Do they have an actual store? That’s sweet

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They don’t have an actual storefront, but their corporate offices are here and I believe most of their products ship from their warehouse here. They do allow will-call pickups for people who order locally. You can’t select that as an option anymore (removed during the pandemic), but you can put a note in the order and they are good at seeing that and removing the shipping once you pick up.

REV is in Carrollton, we don’t have a store front and have not re-enabled local pickup yet. If you are urgent on something order it online and then call us and we will see what we can do


Yeah as I said I can always get it off amazon but I was trying to find something local

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