Logistics of setting up black nitride coating bath

Has anyone done black nitride coating of metals parts and is it a process that could be setup in a person’s dedicated workshop? Or is it crazy dangerous and forget about it unless you’re a well established commercial operation. @Team_Metal_Shop @Team_Hatchers

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Ya, thats gonna be a big dangerous mess. Its crazy dangerous for what we are.


There are a bunch of ways to do it, but they are all resource intensive and potentially hazardous. The most common is called Physical Vapor Deposition and has a lot of pretty difficult requirements. I’d say hire out the work- lots of places will do it for pretty reasonable prices.


If anybody has done or worked with this process, I’d really appreciate a few minutes of time to discuss.

To clarify a little bit, I’m not looking to set this process up at the DMS but in a private dedicated workshop that can have the necessary infrastructure installed… and wanting to know what that infrastructure might consist of… e.g. maybe ventilation, closed-off area, waste disposal procedure etc.

Leaning towards the salt bath method over other methods unless one of the other methods is simply easier to do and I need to be schooled.

The salts are cyanides. The process is determined by the salt. Disposal will be a problem. The ammonia dissociation methods are easier.

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