Login for lab 3d print computers

@Team_3D_Fab just trying to print a thing. I noticed I’m not on the approved list yet I’ve taken classes on the poly-printer even as far back as the ladybird lane location in 2011. I have also taken the newer online test for funsies. 3dprinter100fuckya|690x110 Can I please print?!

fixed it is

So it came to my attention that the moodle group was not set to domain, so I’m going to reset the computers to not use the AD groups when I get a chance until it can be tied to the AD integration.

In the interim, the computer by the TV just requires any DMS login

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FYI - While I was in 3D Fab installing new electrical outlets for the center tables I noticed a power strip on the floor behind the computer by the TV monitor. Let’s try to clean up that area and keep as many cables and wires up off the floor…and no more power strips Your area has a lot of electrical outlets that were recently installed. You have a ceiling mounted power drop in the corner of your room by the window. There are some pre-made drop cords by the tool shelf. If you need a longer one, then tell me how long you need it, I will make it for you.