Locally salvaged hardwood live edge wood for sale at cost

Pecan, Osage Orange, Elm, Sycamore, Walnut, and more! I am moving and don’t want to pay to move this inventory with us. Everything is dried and selling for $4/BF or less. Lots of awesome project in here and I just want to see it go to a builder and not in the trash.


Is deliver to the space available, will pay before hand if that’s something that can be arranged

How much for the woodworking tables? I am all kinds of interested in wood and the tables. Do you have any pictures of the slabs?

What kind of range of wood sizes do you have? May brave the covid world for this.

Sorry no delivery

$200 each. Both are super solid and on casters.

1”-3” thick, 6”-24” wide, 1’-6’ long

A few cants and logs in round form still as well.

Sorry for the vagueness of that answer but there is lots of wood

Message Anne on the flier for pictures.