Local Machine Job Shop?


Looking for local machine shops capable of making parts. Mainly round parts 4" - 9" in diameter, 12" - 48" long, 41XX steel, Acme & Stub Acme threads, inspection & tracible documentation, etc.


I was all set to recommend a shop in Roanoke, but discovered they have now moved to Como, TX which is a few miles SE of Sulphur Springs. He may or may not be local enough for you, but the owner (Adam Niemirowski) is a really good machinist with a well equipped shop.


Thank you Bert.
I’ll check them out.

Never used them for machine work, but had other connections to Don many years ago, and think he’s good people. Dylan has a long history of supporting DMS, though he’s been less visible in recent years and I’ve never personally met him.
Their focus is CNC (I don’t know if they do ANY non-cnc machining to be honest).

Thank you Jast!

Give Holly Fab in Addison a shout, they should be able to do that work.

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