Loads of free laser-cutable material available


@Webdevel hey I think I grabbed what was left of the acrylic I’m not sure you could use any for templates, I think @Mrksls2 was here before me so you may check with him. @Team_Laser I think I got some neat and useful stuff for yall, I’m headed to the space now to drop off. Sorry @Raymond no red that I saw


Nate, thank you so much for your time and effort today to procure some good materials for our Laser users to utilize. Thanks for being ‘Excellent’!


Great news!! Thank you for getting this for the team!!


I’ll steal @talkers tagline “volunteer enjoys dark beer and dark chocolate with sea salt” lol. Seriously no problem, happy to help.


Is this ongoing? I’d totally be down to come claim some of the interesting finishes for our sculpture lab at work


How’s this? I only unwrapped one of the ears so you could see it. The piece under the cup is wrapped still. I set it aside for you. In my locker 3 slots to the left of the ticket printer.


I moved all the wood that was under the laser table and filled it with acrylic till it started falling over. Probably half of what I brought got claimed before it made it there. Nate is unloading a bunch more wood from his car too. I will have a little bit left in storage, and some mirrored material that Dakota said was laser safe that I will need Stephanie to look at before I put it out.


Hey thanks!

I’ll be out of pocket for a few days for the holiday. I have a bin in the galley if you think it will fit. It’s at the bottom right corner of the middle movable section.


It fit, but now you have three pieces instead of two. :wink:


There’s three pieces in your storage of clear acrylic in varying sizes and thickness


Again, thanks so much to the real hero here @dmsfr4nklin for providing all this material. Also everyone should go check out Artifacture, it’s showroom is bad ass to me and I barely know how to cut a line on the laser, I assume it’s basically an eyegasm for any really good Lazerer


Three cheers for @Nate and @dmsfr4nklin



Don’t forget @Mrksls2!


This is what happens when I use the forum while at work.


Thank you @Mrksls2 and @Nate for cleaning up the scrap, bringing in new treasures, making sure they are usable.

Thank you @dmsfr4nklin. A tour for the team would be wonderful.


Lol Mark Salas(?) 2000000000ⁿ0000000000


I’ll look into setting something up sometime soon. And thanks everyone for picking all this up. We’re gonna try to work out a regular scrap dump so that we can waste less. Recycling this kind of stuff is harder than you would think.


Bringing this post back from the dead, do yall still have scrap that needs to be dealt with on occasion @dmsfr4nklin. I need an excuse to drive down there again to admire the showroom and would gladly cart some scrap back


We do, actually. Not the huge pile like before, but we definitely need to offload some.


Cool, I’m happy to come and get it even if laser doesn’t want it(if that’s alright), changing of the committee chairs and I don’t want to assume. @Team_Laser would yall like me to pick some up? I believe I’m going to be in that area this week.

What’s the best time to come and pick up @dmsfr4nklin that won’t bother yall, if things work out?