Loads of free laser-cutable material available


I do laser cutting for a living, and as a result I accumulate lots of scrap. It’s all usable sizes for smaller projects, but smaller than what I generally need. I have woods of varying thickness, and almost every color of acrylic. Even specialty acrylics that are hard to get or expensive like mirror, marble, and 1" thick. Feel free to come by at the hours listed below and dig through it, just don’t leave a mess. It’s all on a pallet, so if you want the entire thing, I can forklift it into your vehicle.

Hours: 11am-7pm
Phone: 9722928453, ask for Dakota
Artifacture Studios
2015 Wall Street
Dallas, TX 75215


I want the things but I don’t know enough about laser to know what the things are I should want! That said, I have a spacious hatchback and this is only about 25 minutes away from me if @Team_Laser needs any teaching materials or someone has a dying need for something but can’t go, I believe I’m going to try and stop by tomorrow if possible and could pick stuff up for you. IF POSSIBLE are the most important words here


I can transport the entire pallet to DMS if @Team_Laser wants to handle it on the DMS end after that. It would likely need to be hand unloaded (pallets don’t come off pickups easily).


That’s incredibly generous! Thank you, and I’ll try to swing by tomorrow


Ugh. We have little to no storage space for such a generous gift. Vertical storage is gone. All that’s left is the under-table shelf, which is partially being used to store actual items, not just scrap. sigh.


There’s certainly not enough room for the whole pallet, but there is a bit more after purging the trash and a lot of this looks way better(to me who’s got no clue what I’m looking at) than some of the scrap that’s left. If you have a “wish list” and want to take advantage of this generous offer, I’m happy to dig through for things and not leave a mess if I can make it out there before it’s all gone.


That’s an offer hard to refuse, Nate.
Acrylic is extremely popular. It will go like hotcakes.
No mirrors, please.
Stick with woods 1/2" or thinner.
Thank you very much for being willing.

To Everyone Else: Nate - and John @talkers - cut down some of our scrap today into manageable pieces. Yeoman’s work. He knows firsthand what will fit.


This would be great for people that take laser classes. They would have material to work with. Odd shapes wouldn’t matter.

If there were a plastics committee this would work also for helping them start and have teaching materials.


Ok, that gives me some ideas what to grab at least, still can’t promise I’ll be able to make it out but I’ll certainly try.

John cut stuff on the lasers, I attempted then went caveman and at least broke things down into more manageable pieces lol.


I’ll take whatever isn’t claimed yet. I’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow. It’s all learning material for me, and I have room to store it till it’s needed. I can bring a little in each week to fill up the scrap area and I’ll just pull my material from there after I fill it up.


I would love to have the clear piece on the top to the front of the picture. Can you bring with you next time you come to the space?


Whoa, I’m glad y’all are interested! I was worried I’d have to toss it all.


Folks, if there’s a small piece of transparent red I could use it for cutting out some replacement LED covers for a few old Intel SBC86 single board computers. If you could grab one for me it would be much appreciated.

Like this:


I did not make it Wednesday unfortunately, will you let me know if there’s anything left @dmsfr4nklin I will be able to come by 5/24 if that’s still an option. Thanks again for the generosity


if you havent already gone by I would love it if you could pick up some acrylic or other clear materials. they cant be tinted with colors thats not a problem. if you do this for me ill try to give you a few dollars for gas. i have a spot saved for myself on a shelf in the workshop area, there’s a partially finished chessboard in the spot and a couple of wood scraps. if you leave something for me leave a note behind with your name and number and ill reach out to you about the cash.


I plan on stopping by today around 11. I just wanted to make sure there’s some material left to pick up?


I was thinking of coming by about 1130. I head the Leather SIG and would love some random pieces to make templates for the Leather-working cabinet.


Heading there now, not Dakota said there was still stuff there


To clarify, I believe he’s referring to mirror acrylic, which is made to be laserable.


Here’s what’s left at the moment:

Mostly wood.