Loading cuts into Lightburn using colors


I am trying to cut out a shape on the Thunder. I made up an image for it which is being saved as a PDF. the Image has each of the cuts I want to make in a different color channel. NimitzColored8in_2.pdf (121.1 KB)

When I load this file into Lightburn, the color is lost, and the cuts are marked as “Image” instead of “Line”

I thought this was the same procedure I followed using a previous project which did work. A picture is below. Notice how each color shows up as a separate cut, and you can select to cut a line or to fill.

My only guess is this might be due to raster vs. vector graphics. I made the current project with GIMP which is rastered, and the previous project was made in inkscape and I believe it is vectored.

If you have any idea on how to get this project to load correctly in the Thunder, please let me know!!

You can try tracing it inside Lightburn. Probably a lot of cleanup. Get a vector image and you’ll have better luck.

This is absolutely a raster vs vector issue. What program are you using to design the file in?