Little windows cabochon molds for cheap...any interest?

Little Windows has some resin molds that are considered seconds because they have small lines in like 6 out of the 36 cabochon cavities. Their rep said they’ll sell them for 70% off (less than $10) and whatever the split ends up being on shipping if it’s at least 6.

Does anyone else have interest and want to do a group order? I definitely do not need six of them but maybe some other people do? They’re really good quality and normaly $28.

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Sure. Count me in.

How many did you want?

EDIT…according to the rep the lines only affect deep pours in those cavities

I really only want one, but I could be convinced to take 2 or 3 if we don’t get enough interest to make it worthwhile.

10 4. Let me get head above water and do some math. I’d budgeted $30 (3)

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