Lightburn DMS code (no longer functional)

Could I please get a copy of the DMS discount code for Lightburn?

Please and thank you!

—Mike P

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I sent you a PM.

could you send it to me as well

Hi Mike. I’d like a copy of the Lightburn discount code as well, please. Thank you.

Hi, Mike, could you send me the DMS discount code for Lightburn as well. Thank you.

Hey you’ll have to request a green dot before I can send you the code!

May I have the code, please?

I need it too

May I get a copy of the code, too, please?


Can I get a code as well? Thank you in advance.

(I apologize for necro-ing this thread - it seemed better than starting an nth thread on the same topic)

Is there any chance of still getting a discount code? I saw in another thread that the lasers are switching over to LightBurn, and I’d greatly appreciate it.


Plus one for me as well

May I get a lightburn code as well, if that’s whats preferred to rdworks?

Paging @michaelb , when I requested my lightburn code back in March, he was the one who PM’d it to me :slightly_smiling_face:

@michaelb Could I please get a copy of the code as well? Thanks in advance

Wait…there’s a new software for the laser? :thinking:

I guess I need to get that code from you too @michaelb. Pretty please! :crossed_fingers:

Same!!! Please!!!

I would like access to this too! I should have a green dot somewhere.


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ok… one more please.

@michaelb, I’d be grateful for a discount code as well. Thanks!