Lift training request 8-21-20

Hello I posted in here yesterday and it seems like I should just wonder up and see if I can find someone to do lift training. I’m going to head that way now is there someone in particular I should look for?

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Not sure what implies this, but there are only a handful of lift trainers. Some of us were in the space yesterday (motorsports had a committee meeting). I’ll be around sometime this weekend but unsure the specifics at the moment.

@patrickpleez1 ; @worldcloud ; @dallasmagna and myself are all lift instructors

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I probably just misinterpreted from my last post. I know this is run by volunteers who must be burnt out so I want to be the smallest inconvenience possible.

If you or someone else endup having some spare time I’ll make myself available. I am having trouble with notifications so I’m trying to check regularly.

Thanks in advance.

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Thought I would check back in and see if anyone will be available sometime for lift training over this upcoming weekend.

@patrickpleez1 ; @worldcloud ; @dallasmagna ; @hon1nbo

Did you end up getting trained? I’m looking to get trained to use the lift as well to instal a hitch on my jeep.

I’m still taking my teaching break; I’ve got too many things going on right now to set aside too much more teaching time.

@patrickpleez1 is usually around the space the most. I’m unsure the status of the others.

No didn’t.

Wow. We might have to look around.

@dallasmagna is around sometimes, but I don’t think he ever reads Talk.
@patrickpleez1 is having car troubles too far away to come here.
I understand that @worldcloud has moved out of state. Or visiting … or something like that.

I’ll try to grab @dallasmagna the next time I see him.

Ohh well that makes since. Looks like @dallasmagna is our only hope. Any advice on getting ahold of him?

Not a reliable way. I mean, he’ll be here for the Motorsports meeting, but that’s not until the 17th. When he does show up (except for the meetings), it’s usually during the day. He’s retired. I’ll keep my eye out for him, and talk to him the next time I see him. I don’t think we’ve got his phone number. I don’t.

Hey! and @brandon2. Dallasmagna (Chuck) is sitting right here. Y’all around??

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Yes, I am here. At the Space. Come see me. I will hang out untill 3PM.


Of course my phone didn’t notify me of this message! Sorry I missed you.

Any idea when you will be around again? I’m out of town Friday-Sunday afternoon. But other than that I’m available.

I’m returning to the space with some car troubles. Any chance I can tag along?

I’ll be at the space this evening and tomorrow for the metal shop meeting. I can do training tonight or after the meeting tomorrow, but it is dependent on the lift not being in use since it is not scheduled.

If you show up for the training please note it is $20 cash, which will be dropped in the finance box for the Automotive committee to cover upkeep and tools. It is the only charge for all of automotive, and only once for the training.

My car just had a sudden breakdown and is in need of some urgent care. I’ll be there with those Audi parts tomorrow *after the meeting.

Is there a set of stands and jack at the space? Otherwise I will pick up a set on the way.

There is usually a menagerie of jacks and stands about the auto space…