Lift training class

I’m a new member and plan on doing some work on my car next week and was told I need to take a class in order to use the lift. I don’t see any upcoming training listed on the calendar. How do I get checked off on it?


There is one on the schedule next Thursday at 8:30… There is also an Automotive 101 class at 7PM, which is required to use Automotive tools…

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I checked the calendar and it doesn’t show anything. Also i was advised last night that the only thing in that area that requires training is the lift.

I’m looking for both the lift class and auto shop class also, I looked on the calendar and don’t see any listed when I search automotive.

There was an Automotive 101 last night- required to use the Automotive area. We just put another 101 class and a 102- lift class on the schedule.

We are adding new teachers and hope to increase the number of Automotive classes, while offering 101/ 102 every other week.

Here we are close to the end of July, and a scan of the calendar doesn’t show anything automotive. Not 101, not 102. And that is thru Christmas of this year.

Can anyone who can teach this class please schedule one in the near future.

Due to a MakerSpace $$ crisis, classes that paid instructors were blocked for the 1/2 half of July. The block is being removed today. New classes should start showing up in the next few days.

The pay to instructors has been reduced by 50%. This may or may not affect the # of classes each committee offers.

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The other option is to offer to pay for a private class.

For reference, weekly private music lessons lessons average $40-$60 for 45 minutes.

But does paying a private instructor to show me how to use the lift then qualify me to, under the rules, use the lift?

What I am asking is, can anyone who knows how, then train me to use it? If so, a private ‘tutor’ may be a solution.

However, while anyone can offer tutoring for a music class (even it hey are not musically inclined), no one has ever been crushed by a piece of music being lifted 5 feet into the air, should it then fall on you (that I am aware of – maybe it has actually happened?).

Now, I’ve avoided making any comment on the whole issue of DMS paying for classes, and what may or may not qualify as a class. However, if one is required to attend a class to use a specific tool, then it stands to reason either there has to be classes offered, or the tool itself needs to be removed. Otherwise, you end up having a specific tool that every member pays for (in one way or another), but no one is actually able to use (due to attrition).

So maybe my question needs to be this: Is there anyone who can teach such a class, that I can hire to ‘certify’ me able to then work on my car? Or do I just find someone who seems to know how to use it, and ask them to show me, so we can all call it good?

Each committee maintains a list of qualified & certified instructors. This includes Automotive and is usually maintained on the wiki.

I can check someone out on both types of lasers, wood lathes, vinyl cutter, buttons, leather working… But I would likely be crushed first on the lift.

Music Example

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This is more killed by an instrument, then by the music.
Now, if the music was so painful that he doubled over and was unable to move, then we could call it the music itself. But, serious doubt a music tutor is going to say your qualified to move a piano after your lesson (tune, maybe, but hoist, doubt it).

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