Lift training class

I’m a new member and plan on doing some work on my car next week and was told I need to take a class in order to use the lift. I don’t see any upcoming training listed on the calendar. How do I get checked off on it?

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There is one on the schedule next Thursday at 8:30… There is also an Automotive 101 class at 7PM, which is required to use Automotive tools…

I checked the calendar and it doesn’t show anything. Also i was advised last night that the only thing in that area that requires training is the lift.

I’m looking for both the lift class and auto shop class also, I looked on the calendar and don’t see any listed when I search automotive.

There was an Automotive 101 last night- required to use the Automotive area. We just put another 101 class and a 102- lift class on the schedule.

We are adding new teachers and hope to increase the number of Automotive classes, while offering 101/ 102 every other week.