Lift Speakers now available for use

That is ridiculous, Walter, and you know that. The speakers have been in for, what, two and a half days, have resulted in no documented problems, and you are now asking for them to be banned. Not only that, you are blaming your actions on someone else. Own it if you’re going going to take those actions.

Merissa, I already put my name to the agenda item. Just because we haven’t had an issue yet, is not really relevant. You have a litany of complaints and description of the problem above. And you have both ignored them. You and Brandon have left no option, which is exactly what I think your husband wanted in his ongoing petty issues with Tom.

Also your ridiculous rule would prohibit the noise from vector.

The only person making this petty and about any specific person is you. Please back off with your accusations until we set a time to talk face-to-face as I asked because it’s uncalled for.

That rule would prevent anyone from using speakers in any from or class for any use the way it’s currently worded.

So I guess your mindset has changed on when to make rules Walter? Here are your words…
“Do we really want to be passing rules to accommodate members concerns based not upon objective problems (which haven’t occurred yet) but rather upon emotionally driven prejudices and perceptions?”

Sorry if that’s not linked properly. Doing it from my phone with poor cell service.

Merissa, If you note above, I mentioned that I was trying to get you and your husband to get rid of the speakers and amplifier that have the sole intent to play entertainment (at best) or we would force the adding of yet another rule.

If you follow the thread you link, you will find that the crux of the solution was “Don’t make us have another rule.” It appears that you’ll weren’t willing to take down your distraction machine. So we are presented with a need for yet another rule. Which I believe is precisely what Brandon wanted (though perhaps he would have like Tom to get banned again as well).

You’re a master at spreading misconceptions, I’ll give you that. I’ll PM you about face-to-face discussion in the next few days so you can explain and justify your comments about me.

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Guys can we table all issues until after Thanksgiving?

We’re supposed to spend this week fighting with family, not friends. :wink:


Actually, I find this purchase questionable. Was it purchased with DMS funds? I fail to see how a sound system in an automotive workshop furthers our 501©(3) educational goals.

Since I’ve been at the Space (over three years so not a noob), it has seemed that the general rule of being considerate and excellent is to use personal headphones/ear buds so you are not a distraction to others.

I’ve come into CA when there is only one person playing music and they have either turned it down without being asked or ask if it bothers you. I’ve usually just asked to turn it down and no problems. This is generally true when someone is alone in a room where the doors can be closed off.

Speakers used during a class ARE a tool, just as the large screen monitors are. When just “for personal listening pleasure” it isn’t a tool.

@Brandon_Green since you’ve put noise monitors up around the space have you also put dB limiters on the speakers or is it just as loud as someone wants blast it? That may help as part of the issue is the sound is not limited to automotive, it goes everywhere. Loudness limiting may help reduce conflicts.

As Automotive Chair, if someone turns it on, can anyone that doesn’t want to hear it just turn it off? Changing the channel/music whenever someone wants? Does the person turning it on have to be doing automotive work or can someone just crank it up so they can hear it across to room?

I’m sure there would howls if someone was playing Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levine to listen to while they worked. To some, they are music to their ears.:innocent:

Also, I didn’t realize that DMS was a place to conduct social experiments where members are the lab rats, willing or not, this is really my personal objection. In your design of this experiment are or did you factor in potential personal conflicts?


I am NO ONE’S lab rat, dammit!
(but put me in with some test monkeys and maybe we got something going on there.)

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I am generally a polite and considerate person. At least I try to be. I am not likely to turn down or turn off someone else’s music except as a last resort. I would try hard to ignore it in order to not inconvenience or offend the person(s) who are enjoying the music. But I am concerned that I may not realize how distracted I am (while I’m trying to be considerate) until I either get hurt or break something. And then it’s too late.


We’re all just rats in a cage…

You have my apologies Brandon and Merissa. When I made the request for a radio/music in the automotive area, I never thought it would bring this back lash out of the wood work.

When I brought in my radio into the automotive area over the last couple of weeks while working on an automotive project, I was getting nothing but thanks and requests to leave the radio at the space, which I did on a few occasions.
I would not have figured there was a back lash on this side of the DMS based on my in-person responses to the usage of my radio, while it was playing.

If the automotive committee is forced to remove the audio equipment, then I will just bring in my own radio and turn it down upon request and I would expect that from any other member as well.

To me, this back lash to getting radio/music in the automotive area just feels like yet another impediment reaching into my membership value.

Jay Johnson


Much like online reviews the upset people will respond but happy people do much less often. People play music and other audio at the space all the time. Myself included. People have told me they know I’m around before they see me because they hear Hello Internet. Between that and music most people say thanks and that they enjoyed listening to whatever was playing and are sad to see the speakers leave when I do. I’m happy when others play things so I can discover new things.

The machine shop is empty probably 90% of the day so it’s not going to matter the overwhelming majority of the time. If it becomes an actual issue then we can decide how to proceed at that point. It’s unproductive at the least to argue about the what ifs of something this trivial.


NO throwing feces allowed! Don’t make Walter propose more rules. :smiley:

Although… I have a feeling that very few people would like it when I play RC’s Mom by the Dead Milkmen. :scream:

If you read Chris’ post above it has already been an issue for her. Or you could read the previous thread on the subject Andrew linked above.

There are two issues with playing music out loud so others can hear it, as opposed to using personal headphones…

  1. Many folks consider it annoying and distracting.
  2. Even those who do like listening to music may not consider your choices music.

Both reasons mean playing music out loud is rude and is not being excellent.

And to counter that, having to listen to “your music” (generically) greatly impedes MY membership value.

But the fact that folks like me will do our best to move along instead of accosting the player doesn’t register, even when we DO finally speak up. Excellent…

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Jast, admission in moving along indicates that you are impeding your own membership value.

It is interesting that you didn’t copy my note about turning down my radio when asked. The position in your above post is not supportable. Things that are impeding your value yet you move along, it is likely to continue.

For my part, I will empower your membership value in this matter where I can, but you really should seek it and make myself and/or others aware of your issue when it occurs. In this case, come approach me and request that I turn down my radio and it will be turned down just as I would expect any member to do the same. Or drop me a note(anonymously) when I temporarily leave the area for other tasks.

I don’t believe that my usage of my radio has been egregious nor a danger to others and indicative by only positive comments to my radio usage, and I can adjust where it is an issue or a danger to others.

Please feel empowered to approach me when my radio is egregious and/or endangering others.
That is also for all members.

Jay Johnson