Life drawing interest?

Hi there! Wasn’t sure what category to post this under, but I wanted to see if there’d be any interest in doing a life drawing session with a nude model?

It would cost a bit per person to pay for the model’s time, I’m thinking a 2-3 hour session with multiple breaks. We could set up in one of the classrooms and people can use whatever mediums they are most comfortable with!

If the model will be nude, the door will need to be closed once the session has started and no phones/cameras/etc. will be allowed by anyone other than me to take reference photos for the model between breaks (which I will then delete). You can listen to music with headphones but would not be able to take your tech out to use during the active session.

Let me know who’s interested! We will have to have a few people sign up to be able to pay for it. : )

We have done life drawing sessions at DMS on several occasions in the past.

As DMS has successfully been down this path before, you might consider reviewing some older TALK threads for other issues (eg security cams).

Note that there was … little … interest in disabling or covering the security cameras at the time and likely won’t be again. Having had access to the cameras in the past I can assure you that going through footage is tedious at best.