Lewisville Soup - micro-finance dinner - searching out pitches for August soup

Lewisville Soup is a microfunding pot luck dinner posed to impact the community of Lewisville in some way. Four applicants are given four minutes to pitch a concept to a room full of like-minded individuals. By the end of the dinner ideas are shared, discussion allows for impact and someone who pitched walks away with funds to begin or continue a concept. The average cash award has been a bit over $400.

What can that concept be? Heck, I don’t really know but I have tons of ideas! Art projects, business startups, bird feeders, fun little things, charitable startups it’s honestly so open it would be hard to define what someone could pitch about. The application is something close to six purposefully open ended questions.
Please please please share this concept with people (or organizations) who have great ideas but just might need to have a push.

This is all about community. This is all about people helping people. It’s a small dinner with a big impact. If you would like to host a soup I have everything you would need to start one from Detroit.

Please help me by passing around the application for the August Lewisville Soup if you know anyone who might benefit:

Here’s the link to the group on Facebook:

Former pitches to give you ideas:
@Lampy asked for funds for materials to do science demos for local elementary schools
A veterans group asked for money to help setup an aquatics garden that helps educate and feed homeless vets
A high-school student group asked for funds to create a news startup
A group asked for funds to make blessings bags a bag of toiletries and small snacks to gift out to the homeless
A group asked to expand a already existing community/charity garden
An individual asked for funds to startup a company which was going to be “an Uber-ish experience for great photography spots”
An individual asked for funds to sustain a painted rock group she’s growing

And that’s all I got.
I’ve had talks about 3d printing bird feeder parts, funding women’s empowerment retreats, helping out local animal shelters with creating donations with funds, but they never panned out. Let me know if I can help in anyway.